Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New eye - Xenon

So, has I said in a previous post, there's a space for the fog lights but they don't came with 125 version. So in the revision I ask to mount them.

The shop owner told me that for the same price I could mount a medium xenon light that I will use more that the fog lights. So I decided to kit my Symone with a new eye.

Great light now. A lot more luminous.
I believe that the others see me well too, because they move out of the way more often than before :) 


  1. Great change, congratulations. How mutch it cost and wich shop did that?


  2. xhunning! eheheh :)


  3. It cost ~100€. Material (xenon and two minimum lights in the space of the fog lights) and the job. I bought my Symone on H&M at Algés, and they offer the first revision, at 1000kms...

  4. Hi, I have my EVO since thursday and the shopkeeper told me he didn't want to put Xenon headlights in it. He said the warranty of the bike would be void (Because the xenon lights , when they get hot, might melt the lenses?).
    When asked to put the fog lights in (because the 125cc version hasn't got them apparently) he told me they could only be fitted to a 250 or 300 model?
    What can I believe and what not? Because extra visibility is allways good, and it looks way cool :)...

  5. Dries,
    Those are all good questions, but the truth is that the shop owner didn't told me anything about warranty void due to xenon light or fog light.
    I don't believe they would sell me a scooter and then made me void the warranty without a warning.
    I'm not a technician so I've no idea about the melting issue... :(

    I bought my Symone in Portugal, Lisbon, at H&M Motos at Algés. If you live in Lisbon area try to contact them by phone, the email contact don't work (they don't seem web oriented yet).

  6. I'm from Belgium so that's a long way to go for lights :). I will ask a colleague at work (who has a 2008 model) where he bought his, and query that shop for the lights.
    Anyway mine is white and I think I'm quite visible just like that, but it'd be sooo cool :).